2/3 Year-Olds

This is our youngest class and a perfect way to start. At this age children are usually either a little shy with new experiences, or else in full "explorer mode" and ready to dash off everywhere! So we run this as a Mom 'n' Me class (or Dad, or Nanny) so that we can keep the class moving and learning. The class focuses on gross motor skills, developing coordination, balance, agility and physical confidence. We keep this class very small, with a maximum of six in the class. Most classes are mid-morning or early evening.

4/5 Year-Olds

This is one of our most popular age-groups. At this age girls and boys are fully ready for a structured class with focus on basic skill development. Each class will spend a little time on agility and basic body shaping (tucks, pike, straddle, etc.) every week and then work on each of the five basic skill areas: vault, bars, trampoline (rebounding), beam and floor. Again, our classes for this age are always very small, with a maximum of six students in a class. We have classes mornings, mid-day, and then all afternoon and evening with times from 3PM to 6PM.

6/7 Year-Olds

By this age most students are progressing a little faster. We still make time for basic agility and coordination, but now we begin adding some specific strength and flexibility exercises to the mix. We still work all five events, but the skill acquisition is faster, more in-depth and progresses further. Most of our students at this young age are mainly looking for a challenging physical activity with their friends, but this is also where they can begin working to advance to the Intermediate program if they might be interested in competitive gymnastics down the road. We allow seven students in a class, still keeping the class small enough to allow for plenty of personal attention. We have classes all afternoon for this age, but can arrange daytime classes for homeschoolers if desired.

8+ Girls & Boys

This is the first age at which we separate the girls from the boys. We have specific events geared more to each group from here on out. Although boys might work basic beam from time to time to develop balance, they begin to work on rings and pommel horse and parallel bars here. It's about this time that they start wanting to be separate anyway! In both groups the pace of learning is a little faster and the skills are developed further. Most of the candidates for the Intermediate and Advanced programs come from this age-group. Again, classes are limited to a maximum of seven, and times run from directly after school until late in the evening.

Acro & Tumbling

This is our class for students who only want to tumble. While many other children's activities (cheerleading, dance team - even martial arts) include acro or tumbling, they always seem to end up coming to a gymnastics center to learn it properly! Our teaching is very methodical, based on careful progressions, taking time to learn each stage thoroughly. We have many more equipment stations and specific set-ups for learning each stage of each skill. Most important of all, our acro instructors are all highly experienced, knowing when and how much to spot, not only to keep the athlete safe, but also to help the athlete feel the correct timing of the move. One need only look at the strong, clean tumbling of our team athletes, (who all started as complete beginners once also!) to recognize the advantages of our system. We separate our acro classes by age: 8-11 and 11-and-up. We also divide the classes into those who can do a round-off back handspring already, and those working up to this level. All our classes are still kept small, with a maximum of seven in a class, the same as our gymnastics classes for this age, since Acro usually requires a lot of hands-on work from the coach.

Intermediate, Advanced & Pre-team

These classes are all by evaluation. Students can move onto Intermediate at any time, as soon as they have mastered the basic skills in the beginner class and can show good strength and flexibility.

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