Grace Anne Davis

Grace Anne Davis

Level 10 - Class of 2021
Huntsville Gymnastics Center

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School Achievements:

National Junior Honor Society
"A" Honor Roll

Career Interests
Orthopedics, Physical Therapy

Gymnastic Achievements:

Regional Qualifier
2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Level 10
 2017 Alabama State Championships: BB, AA Champion
2017 Auburn Classic: VT, BB, FX, AA Champion
2017 IGI Chicago Style Meet: BB, AA Champion
2017 Elevate the Stage: AA Champion
2016 Huntsville Invitational: VT, UB, BB, FX, AA Champion

Level 9
2016 Alabama State Championships: 1st BB, 2nd AA

Level 8
2015 Regional Championships: 1st BB, 3rd AA

Training Skills

Yurchenko 1/1


Tkatchev, Blind ½ and 1/1, Bail to handstand, Toe Circle-Handstand, Stalder, Double Pike, Double Layout, Geinger

Front tuck, Front aerial, Switch 1/2-Back Tuck, Sheep Jump, Flic Layout-Layout, Double back dismount, Round-Off 2/1 Dismount

Double Pike, Double Arabian, Double Front, Front Layout-Front 1/1, Switch ½ to Popa

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