Hampton Cove Center FALL Class Schedule 2019

Registration is now OPEN for current classes.

These are the classes with current availability.

2/3 Year-Old Class

30 Minute Class
Monday 4:30 PM
Monday 5:00 PM
Tuesday 5:00 PM

4/5 Year-Old Class

45 Minute Class
Call For Times

6/7 Year-Old Class

60 Minute Class
Call For Times

8+ Girls Gymnastics

60 Minute Class
Monday 3:15 PM
Friday 4:30 PM


90 Minute Class
Friday 4:00 PM

Boys Gymnastics

60 Minute Class
6-8 Boys: Monday 3:30 PM
8+ Boys: Monday 5:00 PM

8-11 Beginner Acro

60 Minute Class
Tuesday 4:30 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM

11+ Beginner Acro

60 Minute Class
Call For Times

The Center is conveniently located at 627 Wade Road, in the heart of the Cove. This is the newest branch of Huntsville Gymnastics Center, now available without the drive over the mountain! We are initially offering a limited schedule of class times, gradually adding more as we get into the year.

We offer gymnastics classes for boys and girls ages 2 and up, as well as home-school groups. For now, Hampton Cove Gymnastics will teach only recreational and intermediate gymnastics. Our Huntsville center teaches recreational classes and Girls Team and our Madison center teaches recreational classes also.

All our classes are kept very small. We still only allow 7 students in our older classes, and still only 6 in the pre-school classes, to ensure the best learning environment possible. We never overfill classes! You are welcome to come by and watch our classes at any time.

Julie Baldwin, the director of the Center, has taught gymnastics for 8 years. She was a competitive gymnast here in Huntsville before moving away to Memphis. She then taught gymnastics in Auburn before returning to Huntsville to teach school. When the opportunity arose to open up the new gym, we were very pleased that she agreed to direct the program.

Maddie Harris was a competitive gymnast on our team for many years, then swapped over to cheerleading when she entered high school. She has been coaching in the Huntsville center and will now split her time between both gyms.

At HCG we focus on teaching. We teach gymnastics and tumbling skills using safe progressions and attention to detail. We keep enough equipment that our students never have to wait in line, and we maintain very small teaching groups. We want our students to be safe while they are learning, and we want them to develop strength, coordination and physical confidence through the unique sport of gymnastics.

We believe that these are the keys to our success, and the reason for our continual growth over the last twenty-six years. We warmly invite you to come by at any time and see our center.


Our Fall session started on August 12th, and classes are filling quickly. If you have any questions about our class schedule or how to enroll your child today, please give us a call at (256) 883-7500.