COVID-19 UPDATE - As of Monday, May 25, 2020

Huntsville, Madison and Hampton Cove Gymnastics

begin a trial re-opening May 26.


*NEW 5/25/20 Last week we staged a run-through of the procedures we have set up to allow for the first stage of a return to gymnastics for those who are comfortable coming back now. Our survey showed that about 25% of our families are interested in returning to a modified form of training now, so we wanted to see if we felt there was a way to do this that minimized the risks to a point that we felt comfortable too.

We have set up protocols to reduce risk, details in the next slide and in our recent emails. If you have not received anything, please check your junk folder and then set your account to accept our emails in future. We have sent out so many that apparently the servers have been flagging them as spam sometimes!

We have posted new times for these classes, which will run Tuesday May 26 through Saturday, June 6. These classes are for students who were taking in March when we closed. Click Huntsville, Madison or Hampton Cove to see times for the each center. For those of you have not taken a refund, there will be nothing to pay for now. New students, please plan on starting with the Summer Schedule on June 8, which we are re-working right now.

No-one should feel any obligation whatsoever to start back yet. We believe we can begin this tentative step in a safe manner if our numbers are very small and we only take families who are not at heightened risk. Although we seem to be over the initial risk of overloading our local healthcare system, the virus itself is no less of a threat than before. Until there is treatment or a vaccine, any exposure will be a risk, and we must be ready  to close down again if we see an increase in cases locally. Obviously we hope that an accurate antibody test and an indication of immunity will come soon, but we are not there yet.

Please fell free to call me to share your thoughts or concerns. I will be all over the place this week, but if you leave your name with the front desk, they will get a message to me. Once again, I and all my staff truly appreciate the support you have shown us, and we hope to be able to continue to earn your trust.

James Linderholm


We have posted a number of activities and challenges online, through our Facebook Group and our YouTube Channel. Have you joined in yet? Look for more content daily and check back here for news of another free online opportunity coming soon. We want to keep everyone as active as possible!

We appreciate the generosity and support of all those who have reached out to us. I can assure you we are all doing fine. Thank you! We especially thank those of you who have committed to support us financially through this. We love our gym family!

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Anyone with a family member who may have been in contact with COVID-19 must inform us immediately and wait 14 days before coming to class, even if they have tested negative. In this situation we will, of course, provide as many make-up's as necessary.
  • No-one with symptoms of fever, coughing, loss of smell, or shortness of breath will be permitted to enter: staff, athletes, parents or family members. Anyone who exhibits these symptoms while here will be asked to leave until their status can be confirmed safe.
  • Every person who enters must wash their hands at the doorway and again on leaving: no exceptions - staff, athletes, and parents.
  • Only 1 family member per athlete will be permitted to remain in the facility during classes.
  • All observers must maintain physical distancing of 6' and will be required to wear a mask.

For our athletes, we will conduct a wellness check (temp screening), hand-washing before, during and after class, physical distancing, separate training stations, sanitizing, and much more room in the gym itself (in Huntsville and Hampton Cove no more than two classes at a time right now and only two team groups instead of four, and in Madison no more than three classes at a time). This will keep our occupancy at 20% of normal or less. We are encouraging parents to drop and go, or wait in their vehicles whenever possible (we will get athletes to and from their class, just as in school), since the regular viewing area, even if distancing could be maintained, is simply not a good risk. Even with appropriate distance, more time in the same place equals more risk. That's not to say you cannot stay: 1 person per family will be permitted, but we do not encourage it, and if we cannot maintain distancing, people will have to leave. Hopefully, only running 2 classes at once (3 in Madison), there should never be too many people there. All staff will wear masks and all adults entering the facilities must wear a mask.

2020 Summer Classes

We are currently checking the Summer Schedule to see if any adjustments are necessary to meet our new risk protocols. As soon as we have confirmed the times, we will post them here for Huntsville, Madison and Hampton Cove.

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Huntsville Gymnastics has been the leading gymnastics training center in North Alabama since it opened in 1993. The center is conveniently located at 3062 Leeman Ferry Road, just south of Drake Avenue. It is still the best-equipped gymnastics facility in the region and offers a wide range of class times for all ages, while consistently maintaining the lowest coach/student ratios in the area.

Our competitive program turns out top-notch gymnasts at all levels, bringing home over 50 Gold Medals at State this past year! Yet it is our recreational program, the boys and girls who come for just an hour or two a week, for which we are best known.

At Huntsville Gymnastics we focus on teaching gymnastics skills in the best possible environment. Our lead instructors are all safety-certified, we have the best equipment (and enough of it that our students never have to wait in line), and we maintain very small teaching groups. We want our students to be safe while they are learning.

We believe these are the keys to our success, and the reason for our continual growth over the last twenty-seven years. We warmly invite you to come by at any time and visit us.

We are always accepting registration for our classes. Availability changes daily as new students sign up. If you need a different time from those listed, please call the center at 256-883-0566 and let us know.

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